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Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Nazir

Folio 33a

Abaye replied: We suppose him to have added, for example, 'even if it be not So-and-so I intend1  to be a nazirite,' the meaning of the phrase HIS WORDS WERE NOT FULFILLED [used in the Mishnah] being, his first words were not fulfilled but his later ones were.2

IF [THE PERSON APPROACHING] TURNED AWAY SUDDENLY [WITHOUT BEING IDENTIFIED] HE IS NOT A NAZIRITE etc.: The reason [that he is not a nazirite] is because the other turned away, which would show that had the other come before us, he would become a nazirite. Who is the author [of this opinion)?3

(Part b does not exist)
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Original footnotes renumbered.
  1. [Read [H] for [H].]
  2. And so he becomes a nazirite.
  3. There is no Gemara on 33b, this page being taken up with Tosaf.
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